From Fred´s Desk

We are back in Chile after 7 weeks in the USA where we met with leaders of the cattle industry, forest industry, agriculture industry, university faculty and new members of the Anglatin team. We also celebrated Fred’s and Consuelo’s birthdays with family, friends and Anglatin alumni from as far away as Chile.

Our international study tour calendar is filling up. Dates are set for March 31-April 9. agriculture study tour to Chile. We will focus in Agri-business and general agriculture in CHile. Then, in May 26-June03 our Forestry Study Tour to Portugal and Spain. We will focus in cork industry and woodland. In October 28- November 04 our Study Tour to Hawaii. We will focus on Hawaii’s unique beef cattle industry and their program to market Hawaiian beef locally. We will also visit a pineapple producer and a flower nursery, both important island exports.

This will be our first study tour with growers and cattlemen from the USA visiting within the USA. Our destinations are the island of Maui with its tourist attractions and the big island where most of the large ranches are located.

In April we will host a group of students in Chile. Again, agriculture is the topic including production, processing, marketing and policy. This will be our 70th agriculture tour and our 57th study tour to Chile.

In May we will lead a group of foresters in Portugal and Spain. The cork industry will be featured with visits to cork forests, cork manufacturing shops and a cork museum. We will also visit hardwood and softwood forests in the area. Our lively forestry tour alumni are the driving force behind this tour!